Digital Project Manager

Job Description Digital Project Manager

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  • You might know this job as Virtual Project Manager, Online Project Manager

What is the job description of an Digital Project Manager?

A Digital Project Manager manages and coordinates projects that are entirely carried out digitally, either online or through a local network. They manage resources, allocate budgets, provide status reports, maintain deadlines and safeguard the project scope. They ensure deliverables arrive safely with the client and follow up on any and all feedback and subsequent rework.

What skills and responsibilities does a Digital Project Manager have?

Digital Project Managers need wide array of administrative, soft and managerial skills to cater to all aspects of the job.

Administrative skills

  • Expert knowledge of word processing software such as MS Office, Google Suite, Apple iWork
  • Expert knowledge of communication software such as mail clients (Gmail, Outlook) and messenger platforms (Slack, Yammer)
  • Expert knowledge of project management software such as MS Teams, Wrike,, Asana, Atlassian tools

Organisational & managerial skills

  • People management skills such as providing constructive feedback, managing progress, identifying friction points and working towards solutions
  • In-depth knowledge of the project objectives and their strategic value

Soft skills

  • Collaboration within multidisciplinary teams
  • Productive communication skills between all team members
  • Linking the client to the operational team in service of productivity and efficiency, translating wants and needs into actionable solutions

Degrees & Certificates

  • BA/MA in management, business or a related field
  • BA/MA in an unrelated field or no higher degree with proven project management experience and additional certifications

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