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Navigating the staffing landscape

With over 20 years of staffing experience, Brainbridge has lived through and adapted itself to the gradual expansion of the early staffing market into the complex array of staffing services and solutions that exist today. For many organisations it is often a challenge to navigate through the vast number of available technologies and staffing services as well as understanding their benefits.

Managing your external workforce efficiently has become a key component to being successful in today’s market. We are dedicated to guide our customers through this complex and ever-changing landscape and provide a tailored solution for each unique set of requirements.

Strategic external workforce solutions

Control and manage your contingent workforce in a better and more efficient way, decreasing your overall spend. Agile, scalable, tailored contingent workforce management solutions that work best for you — and keep on working the way you want as your business changes. Beat your competition by attracting the best external talent at the most competitive rates. We mitigate risk, ensure compliance and track performance.

Our contingent workforce programs are buit around the following key drivers:

  • Sourcing efficiency and process optimisation
  • Quality of and access to talent
  • Strategic insights and extensive reporting capability
  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk
  • Scalability & agility
  • Cost control
  • Continuous improvement

Brainbridge staffing solutions has a dual approach to contingent workforce management programs:

  • A fully tailored contingent workforce management solution. These type of programs require a minimum of 3 months implementation time and as from 50-75 external resources under management. Brainbridge can work with any Vendor Management System.
  • A plug and play contingent workforce management program with a preconfigured Vendor Management System including marketplace. One of the key benefits is a super fast setup time of minimum 3 workdays. Recommended to manage a contingent workforce volume below 75 resources.

Optimise the administrative management, contracting and payments processes of contingent workers.

  • Manage the contingent worker lifecycle after hire
  • Gain visibility and mitigate risk
  • Reduce processing times
  • Single point of (consolidated) invoicing
  • Supplier relationship management

Control and manage your external workforce in the form of professional services or state of work more efficiently. Our source to Statement of Work (SOW) solutions are built to drive strategic business results and increase digital adoption across the organisation. We value fast implementation and high adoption rates, making sure you see an immediate return on your investment – in both time and monetary values. Activities include:

  • On/Off boarding of external resources
  • Ongoing contract administration
  • Requirements definition & decision support
  • Contract creation & execution
  • Sourcing support
Implementation, consulting and audit services that help you mitigate risk, maximise ROI, and deploy external workforce solutions according to defined timelines, budget, and scope.

What makes us unique

Your local experienced partner

Your local experienced partner

You can rely on our local implementation team that knows your market and culture inside out supported by a local shared services organisation. Our managed services team members are highly skilled staffing industry subject matter experts.

What makes us unique

We love technology

Brainbridge constantly monitors available technology, applications and innovations to improve our processes and service delivery models even further. We can work with any vendor management system.
Innovative multi-channel workforce solutions

Innovative multi-channel workforce solutions

We combine both internal and external marketplaces and other innovative sourcing channels to source that hard to find talent quickly and successfully.

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