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  • Entrepreneurial​
  • Inspire​
  • Strategy


  • Honesty​
  • Integrity​
  • Quality​
  • Open


  • Focus​
  • Prioritisation​
  • Knowledge​
  • Expertise


  • Team​
  • Relationship​
  • Empowerment


  • Improvement​
  • Creative​
  • Change​
  • Innovation

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What people say about Brainbridge

Working with Brainbridge has been an amazing experience. You care about the consultant in personal and professional life, always trying to help finding new projects and making sure that everything is fine to everyone involved in the process. As a consultant I couldn't be happier working with Brainbridge, ​ it is a big family.


When I became an independent consultant, I joined the Brainbridge group for a position at one of their clients. Being a physician, my profile is probably a bit of an outlier in the Brainbridge family but I have always felt very much welcome. For the numerous contracts that I had to deal with, the Brainbridge team gave always a great support, and contract renewals went as smoothly as it could get. Likewise, for any other administrative support (invoices, payments, …), the Brainbridge team has always provided an excellent support. I am looking forward to continuing this collaboration for the future and beyond!


At Brainbridge people have the opportunity to develop themselves at their full potential. There is a real work hard / play hard mentality and an amazing work atmosphere which makes it a unique and great employer!

Ellen Luckx

Recruitment is the fuel of the Brainbridge sales engine. A good cooperation between both units guarentees continuous growth and a great work atmosphere."

Ellen Luckx
Recruitment Manager

Types of companies in Belgium: what every freelancer needs to know

Starting a small business in Belgium  requires quite a lot of thought and contemplation, not in the least about what company form you'll choose. Freelancers and other entrepreneurs all face the same challenge: what type of company best suits my needs? What's best for right now? How could it evolve in the future? What effect will all this have on my taxes ?

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