Belgium's global engineering prominence and technical talents soar to new heights: The Las Vegas Sphere

Belgium, often recognized for its rich history, delectable chocolates, and medieval architecture, is now making waves in a different arena — the sphere of engineering and technical talents. One company that exemplifies this prowess is Sarens, a Belgian heavy-lift and engineering giant that has not only left an indelible mark on its home soil but has also extended its influence on the iconic Las Vegas Sphere Venue.

The Las Vegas Sphere Project: 

In a city renowned for its dazzling lights and architectural marvels, the Las Vegas Sphere stands out as a testament to cutting-edge engineering. Sarens, with its global reputation for tackling complex and massive lifting challenges, played a crucial role in bringing this ambitious project to life. 

The Las Vegas Sphere is a groundbreaking entertainment venue and performance space that pushes the boundaries of architectural innovation empowered by technical talents. Sarens was tasked with the intricate and challenging process of lifting and installing the massive steel structure that forms the backbone of this spherical marvel. The company's expertise in heavy lifting, precision engineering, and meticulous planning ensured the successful execution of this awe-inspiring project. 

Building The Sphere - Sarens

Sarens' involvement in the Las Vegas Sphere is just one example of the engineering prowess and technical talents that Belgium has to offer. The country, despite its modest size, boasts several engineering firms that have made significant global impacts: 

Jan De Nul Group: Navigating Global Waters: 

For those with a passion for marine engineering, Jan De Nul Group provides an exciting platform. The company's involvement in dredging projects around the world offers unparalleled challenges for professionals seeking high-end positions in this specialized field. 

DEME Group: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions: 

Belgium's DEME Group, with its focus on sustainable dredging and marine engineering, attracts technical talents who want to be at the forefront of environmentally conscious projects. High-end positions within DEME Group provide avenues for individuals to shape the future of marine engineering while prioritizing ecological sustainability.

CMI Group: Transforming the Energy Landscape: 

Specializing in industrial engineering, CMI Group offers high-end career opportunities for professionals looking to contribute to the transformation of the energy sector. Positions within CMI Group involve working on innovative projects that redefine how industries harness and consume energy. 

Global Exposure with Besix: 

Besix, a renowned construction company headquartered in Belgium, provides high-end career opportunities for those seeking global exposure in the construction industry. With projects ranging from skyscrapers to infrastructure development, Besix offers positions that challenge and inspire technical talents

Why Belgium?

Innovation at its Core: 

Belgian engineering and construction companies prioritize innovation, providing professionals with opportunities to work on groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of what is possible.  

Global Impact: 

Belgium's companies engage in projects that span the globe, offering professionals the chance to contribute to initiatives that shape the world's infrastructure and redefine industries. 

Work-Life Balance: 

Belgium's commitment to work-life balance is well known. Professionals in high-end engineering positions and technical talents can enjoy fulfilling careers while savouring the quality of life that Belgium offers. 

Cultivating Technical Talents: 

The country's commitment to education and skill development ensures a steady pipeline of talent, creating an environment where professionals can collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

Building Skyscrapers


Belgium's global prominence in the engineering and construction sector extends far beyond erecting structures; it embodies a realm of top-tier career opportunities for technical talents aspiring to make a lasting impact. Brainbridge Technics, with its expertise and extensive network, plays a pivotal role in facilitating these opportunities, matching individuals with positions where they can leave a mark on the world. Be it shaping skylines, spearheading sustainable solutions, or reshaping the energy landscape, Belgium's engineering and construction firms, in partnership with Brainbridge Technics, serve as launchpads for professionals aiming to excel in their careers. Amid Belgium's position as an innovation and excellence hub, it invites individuals in pursuit of not just jobs, but gratifying, high-end careers within engineering and construction. The involvement in the Las Vegas Sphere project perfectly illustrates Belgium's dedication to pushing the limits of architectural innovation and showcasing technical prowess on a global stage. For those eager to explore these opportunities, Brainbridge Technics stands ready, alongside Belgium, to welcome them into this dynamic landscape.

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