Social media is now the big thing. It is the hub of marketing of our age. More than one-third of the world population is now on one social media or the other. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram are just a few examples of the social media that has worldwide reach.

Becoming an eminent professional in your bailiwick is capable of working wonders for your business and boosting your career. To paraphrase an associate professor specialized in Marketing at Duke University, Dorie Clark: “Becoming a celebrated expert is the supreme sort of professional security”

This article focuses on these social media experts and celebrities by providing all the relevant information you need about them.

Political and Economic leaders, Visionairs of future in technology & human behavior

Jeff Weiner

Jeffrey 'Jeff' Weiner is an American business man that was born in February of 1970. Wiener's name is synonymous with the business networking platform, LinkedIn. In December 15, 2008, Wiener started as the interim President of LinkedIn. Also when LinkedIn in was acquired for almost $30 billion by the mega tech corporation, Microsoft, in 2016 ,Wiener was one of the key played in the negotiations.

He currently functions in LinkedIn as the chief executive officer.


Ban Ki-Moon

Ban Ki Moon served as the 8th Secretary General of the UN between January 2007 to December 2016. Ban Ki Moon was a South Korean diplomat before his appointment and he served his country through her Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also acted in the same capacity for the United Nations.

He got his start in the diplomatic world immediately after his graduation from college. His very first appointment was in a post in the city of New Delhi in India.


Richard Branson

Richard Branson's interest in entrepreneurship had become  very apparent right from his growing years. He started his maiden business venture when he was 16. It was a magazine that he christened Student.

He followed this up by establishing a mail order business venture in the 1970s. After the success of his mail order venture, he decided to launch Virgin Records, which turned out to be quite a successful chain of record stores. He later changed the name to Virgin Megastores a few years later.

In the 1980, the brand went through a rapid period of growth and Branson proceeded to establish an airline that he called Virgin Atlantic. Concurrently, the Virgin Records arm of his franchise went through a period of immense expansion.

Branson earned a knighthood for his services to entrepreneurship. The ceremony was held in Buckingham Palace in March 2000. He also appeared in the BBC's list of the Greatest Britons curated in 2002.

He started Virgin Galactic in 2004. Virgin Galactic is tasked with expanding the frontiers of space flight and it is responsible for the much lauded project called Space Ship One.

As at the end of 2017, a report by Forbes magazine estimates Branson's totally worth to be a whooping $5.1 billion.


Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a man that does not need much introduction.  He is responsible for the aforementioned tech mega corporation, Microsoft. He launched the time alongside Allen in 1975 and it has gradually become the biggest computer software company in the world. Bill Gates has served at different points at Microsoft as the chief software architect, the CEO, and the chairman. And up until the month of May, 2014, Bill Gates owned the biggest number of shares in the company.

However, he reduced his role at the company in June 2006. He told the press about his decision to expend most of his energy into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation while his usual roles at Microsoft would become part-time.


Anand Rao

Anand Rao has been a long of things over the years. He acts as the co-lead for the project called Global Project Blue, he serves PwC's Analytics Group as the Innovation Lead, and he is also principal in the company's advisory practice.

He has a very expansive research career in the field of Artificial Intelligence along with a PhD. When this is coupled with his vast experience in management consulting, it is obvious that he brings a lot to the table. This 'a lot' includes computational and statistical analysis, and business domain knowledge which he combines to bring very unique perspectives to the field of data science.

Before he ventured into the field of management consulting, Rao had served in Australia's Artificial Intelligence Institute as the Chief Research Scientist. He has also served with startup businesses in a Board capacity. At the moment, he works mostly for not for profit industry associations as a Board member.

Rao occasionally speaks at colleges and events on topics related to trade forums and the academia, analytics, and economics.


Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan founded the organization known as Human Workplace. Ryan also acts as the chief executive officer of the outfit which focuses on consulting, publishing, and coaching while its chief organizational statement is to "reinvent work for people".

Ryan currently writes for a vast audience and his mission is to bring a human energy and voice to the world of business.

CEO's or Former CEO's of Multinationals

Jack Welsh

Jack was born in November 1935 and he was christened John Francis "Jack" Welch Jr. after his great grandfather. Jack is an author, a chemical engineer, an executive but he is better known for his exploits as a business man.

He served as the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of General Electric from 1981 to 2001. In the period that he served in this capacity, the overall value of the company rose by an astonishing 4,000%!

Forbes calculated his net worth in 2006 to be about $720 million. However he made history when upon his retirement, General Electric gave him a severance pay that is still the highest in history. He was given a whopping $417 million!


Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly was born in 1961. He is notable for his exploits in American football. He was a former player until his retirement when he ventured into coaching.

He currently heads the football team of the University of Notre Dame and he has been acting in that capacity since December 2009.

Before his appointment at Notre Dame, he had been the head coach of Grand Valley State University between 1991 to 2003, then he moved on the Central Michigan University for 3 years before he proceeded to the University of Cincinnati.