We’re confident that these six tips will help the majority of Windows 10 and Mac laptops run cooler and last longer on a single battery charge. We suggest running methodically through this list, checking the battery’s health first, before moving on to other tips. What do you think of our tips? What did we overlook? Let us know your best battery saving tips in the comments section below!

Happy charging!

Saarbrücken-based research group Perceptual User Interfaces have developed AI-based software that can track up to 200 different eye movements and determine peoples’ personality traits.

According to a new study, a team of German scientists has created software that uses eye-tracking to detect character traits. Researchers have established a connection between over 200 physical behaviors, such as the frequency with which people blink, and certain personality traits.

It was billed as the greatest bubble since 17th-century Dutch tulip bulbs. Last December, amid frenzied speculation, the price of a single bitcoin looked set to pass $20,000. Then, on December 22nd, the bubble deflated just as dramatically as it had grown. Bitcoin’s price plummeted to just $10,500, recovered slightly, and then proceeded to lose almost 70 percent of its value over the following months.