You can make progress towards your most important goals by adopting this systematic approach.

My vocation is helping others achieve their professional goals and I firmly believe that developing the right productivity habits is essential to long-term success. To this end, I feel that a regular weekly planning routine is one of the best ways to consistently meet goals. In this article, I’ll give you the exact same tools and step-by-step advice that I personally use to build success for myself and my clients.

Your phone and your computer could make a formidable team, here are 5 ways to link them.

Between them, your smartphone and your computer already command a huge amount of your time and attention. Have you ever thought about putting them together? Harmonizing your devices will boost your productivity, save you time and reduce your stress levels. Here are five ways to make your smartphone and computer get along better.

You were able to ignore your phone’s alerts whenever you had been on vacation, but now that you're back at work, it’s back to reality.

However, a digital detoxification will help you work more efficiently and truly unwind after working hours. Do you find it hard to be away from your smartphone? And do you frequently waste precious time aimlessly sharing and liking social network posts? Follow these tips and you'll be able to maintain this electronic detoxification after your vacation.