IT teams need to get serious about end-user security, prepare for new privacy regulations and brace for a tsunami of IoT data.

To prosper in 2019, IT staff and departments need to automate mundane tasks, use data more wisely and move more quickly if they want to drive innovation within their organizations. Tech teams need to embrace multi-cloud architecture, improve their collaboration and get real about cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI).

Amidst a slew of dark economic forecasts, streamlining and efficiency are the order of the day.

Everyone’s time is valuable, whether they assign a dollar value to it or not. Poor time management skills can cause a lack of sleep, unhappiness, and even health complications such as stress. Just the thought of having too little time to complete work is enough to make most people feel stressed!

If you’re curious about the top tech trends to watch in 2019, you’ve come to the perfect place! Back in October, Gartner released a research paper that predicted the ten biggest strategic tech trends for next year. Their paper showed how these trends will help drive new business models and disruption over the next five years.

Being able to focus comes naturally for some people. But we are not all alike. Unlike others, you may find yourself unable to maintain your attention longer than a 6-year old child. And that is frustrating, especially when your job depends on it. Whether you are a day job worker, or a freelancer, the ability to focus is the most important asset you have.