Social media is now the big thing. It is the hub of marketing of our age. More than one-third of the world population is now on one social media or the other. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram are just a few examples of the social media that has worldwide reach.

Becoming an eminent professional in your bailiwick is capable of working wonders for your business and boosting your career. To paraphrase an associate professor specialized in Marketing at Duke University, Dorie Clark: “Becoming a celebrated expert is the supreme sort of professional security”

What exactly is the worth of one hour of your time in euros? Changing the value you place on sixty minutes of your precious time is a certain way to up your game. Why? The simple reason is that it assists you in making trade-offs and helps you to focus on the service you offer.

If you charge €5 per hour, odds are that the undertakings that would earn you €50 per hour are really dissimilar. In truth, it may not just require a skill set that is different but also a mind-set as well as a set of expectations that are different.

Everything today, from the car we’re driving to the app we are using to monitor our heart rate, or the social platform we spend our spare time on, relates to the ever-growing technological advancements.

Modern technology is so deeply embedded in our lives that we simply cannot imagine what it would be like living without it. And the most extensive, consistent and impactful technology innovations can be found in the IT environment.

Anchor habits are those core functionalities that you will do every day knowingly or even unknowingly.  Anchor habits are those habits that are recurring and imprinted in your DNA. As for example, you wake up in a certain time in the morning, take your breakfast with certain food items etc. These are anchor habits.

It is all about determination and efficiency

As a freelancer, your schedule will be a lot more flexible compared to working on full-time jobs. But it doesn’t work like that in all aspects. A regular, daily job, will force you to adopt certain lifestyle habits. You know that, once your working hours are over, you are free to do pretty much anything you want.