If you love tech but worry about losing your penmanship, here are four smart notebooks that you can try right now.

If you have flashbacks to explosion-prone ink pens and heavy bullet journals from your high school days, you may be interested to know that techier options now help you bring your penmanship into the digital era. From paper journals with smart stickers to full-blown digital tablets that mimic the look and feel of actual paper, if you’re ready to ditch paper, you’re spoilt for choice.

What if your business’ long term digital vision could become a reality in 2019?

Business transformations are rapidly picking up speed this year thanks to a range of innovative digital business models. As enterprises strive to create new markets, improve their customer’s experiences and operate more efficiently, six main digital trends are emerging. If you want to accelerate the digital transformation of your business in 2019, these are the trends worth studying.