Did you know that your home isn’t the only thing that would benefit from a spring clean this year?

Your laptop needs its own ‘digital’ spring clean as well.

With the right tools and approach, a spring clean can help your laptop stay cooler and perform faster. These seven simple cleaning hacks will help improve the physical condition of your laptop as well as clearing up any digital clutter that may be affecting performance.

So let’s get to it!

The analysis and use of big data – extremely large data sets – is transforming every industry from e-commerce to grocery stores and even the education sector. Data scientists, consultants, and analysts computationally analyze big data to reveal trends and patterns from which human interactions and behaviors may be inferred.

Did you know that the term ‘spam’ – unsolicited junk emails – derived from the classic Monty Python SPAM sketch?

It turns out that a number of everyday tech terms have surprising origins.

From ‘bug’ to ‘virus’ to ‘cookie’ – the etymologies of these 12 common tech terms are bound to surprise you. How many had you heard of?