Good drivers can predict how pedestrians will move, now AI is helping self-driving cars do the same

You pull up to a busy intersection in your car. You wait for the light to turn green and scan the crossing. Just as you think it’s safe to go, a fast-moving cyclist flies across the road, narrowly missing your car. “Phew,” you think, “that was close!”

Soft skills such as effective communication and the ability to collaborate are essential for the success of any IT department. However, IT hiring managers are finding that candidates who are proficient in these non-technical skills are increasingly elusive.

As any fact-checker worth their salt will tell you, some facts are more difficult to check than others. Verifying simple facts such as dates, distances, and monetary values is straightforward. But what about broad statements, ambiguous claims, or politically biased opinions? In an era of fake news and outright misinformation, separating fact from fiction is harder than ever.