RFID Performance Specialist

System and Support

Control and monitor the activities and processes within the RFID Tracking services to ensure a stable and reliable service provided to the participating posts.

Quality control
Data management and development support
General support for RFID Services

This is a support position so the decision-making authority is limited. Person in this position is required to autonomously investigate requests for support


General support for RFID services
Objective:provide general support in specific areas of the service in order to facilitate the RFID services provided to participating posts
Part activities:
- Support in organisation of meetings such as quarterly RFID Services Monitoring Committee (RSMC), Senior Advisory Group and Task Force or workshop sessions related to RFID services.
- Prepare and distribute specific papers, status reports and working documents for the participating posts.
- Monitor stock order process with RFID tag provider and follow-up orders by participating posts
- Keep service documentation up to date in case of new services or adjusted service levels and tasks
- Follow-up progress for IT change request and for implementation of new service requests

Quality control
Objective: ensure that service provided is meeting the requirements and expectations of the participating posts
Part activities:
- Follow-up and monitor progress of actions taken by posts following the red flow analyses
- Support participating posts with investigations of concerns on red flow analysis
- Monitor the performance of existing data SQL queries and validate coding of the SQL queries for CCDS and CMS
- Investigate issues reported in relation to the RFID tracking services in the database as super-user.
- Support posts in their analysis and questions on RFID data provided

Data management and development support
Objective: ensure smooth reporting processes, correct and reliable reports and follow-up on issues raised by posts participating in the services
Part activities:
- Support RFID tracking team in relation to development work on reporting as tester and liaison to posts performing some testing activities.
- Monitor the maintenance activities on SQL queries to ensure that these are up to date for the online reporting on the RFID services
- Maintain reporting requirements in relation to services and liaise with reporting team in case of issues
- Respond to questions and ad hoc requests by posts in relation to reporting; if required run specific queries to obtain requested or required data
- Monitor reports provided to participating posts to ensure that they meet the requirements and expectations of the participating posts

Additional tasks may be imposed temporarily, subject to consultation, if required for the operation of the service or organisation as a whole.

Technical skills

- Successful experience in similar function required (at least 1y);
- Experience in logistical sector and preferably with track and trace solutions
- Fluent in English; verbal as well as written communication
- Ability to analyse and structure complex situations
- Able to work with MsOffice tools like Word, Excel and Powerpoint
- Capable of reviewing and correcting SQL statements on multiple database

Personal skills

- Team player
- Service minded and customer focused
- Hands-on approach to problems and issues
- Work efficiently under time pressure

Contact name
David Van Hooydonck
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