How we work

How we work with clients

  1. You send us your vacancy or put it on your platform. We write the job description and publish it on recruiter platforms.
  2. Our recruiters search in our database (with over 22000 freelance IT professionals, we have one of the largest databases in Belgium).
  3. We have a call / face-to-face screening with our candidates and a second screening will be arranged by our account managers.
  4. Candidates will be proposed to you (after their consent) and you give us your feedback on the profile.
  5. If there is a match, we set up the interview. If the outcome is positive, we sign the contract. If not, our search continues until we find the perfect match.

Want to get in touch or send a vacancy?

How we work with freelancers

  1. When you’re registered on MyBrainbridge, our jobs are automatically matched with your profile. When you’re not a member, you can check our jobs here. Click above if you want to become a MyBrainbridge member.
  2. We will contact you if we see a match between your profile and the request. Only if the match is real as we don’t want to waste your time.
  3. Our recruitment team will call you or set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss all details. Not in our database yet? We will add you (with your consent off course). If there still is a match our account managers will have a quick call with you before we propose you to the client.
  4. If there is a match we set up an interview with you and our client.
  5. When the outcome is positive we sign a contract. If not, you receive feedback on why you weren’t selected and we’ll proactively start looking for another opportunity for you.

We offer our freelancers a community with advantages

No problem, we’ll tell you what to do, explain the advantages and the disadvantages.