Incident Analyst Team


Our client is responsible for the service of the CMS and PPP applications. The IT service is outsourced but it has set-up a service to the interfacing market parties (suppliers, TSOs and DGOs). This service has been implemented in the ITIL-framework. For the incident process our lcient is looking for a team of incident analysts


The incident analysts will work in one service domain: Message Exchange (MEX). The functional domains are Structure, Rectification, Measure/Bill and Infeed. Everything related to transaction processing CMS. Excluded are batch processing and BI-reporting.

The activities will focus on incident analysis and coordination of the resolution with the IT-vendor and the market parties (mainly DGOs). This is organized in recurring Transaction Hubs per DGO where the incident analyst prepares, facilitates and coordinates.


  • Answers to users have to be in the language of the user (French, Dutch or English).
  • The team needs to have at least 2 members with proper SQL-knowledge and be able to write queries of simple and moderate complexity’.
  • The team members should be able to do detailed analyses of potential complex issues. 
  • The team members should be able to explain technical issues in an understandable way to the customers.
  • The team will organize knowledge transfer in the team so that a solution for an incident for one DGO is also used for other DGOs. The team is responsible for this resolution and keeping the company Knowledge DB updated with these solutions.
  • The team will organize frequent feedback to the problem and change team so that recurrent incidents are grouped and combined for problem analysis. As such these actions will be input for the benefits of the change implementation
  • Incidents treatment/analysis has to be according to the priority
  • Organize alignment meetings with written preparation and meeting conclusions:
    • 1.1.    With the impacted vendor (weekly)
    • 1.2.    With the impacted DGO (weekly)
    • 1.3.    With the impacted market party (this will be ad hoc)
    • Delivery status reporting: 
    • 1.4.    Weekly and monthly



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