Team Master Non-life & Claims Legacy


The Team Master will work within the Non Life & Claims Legacy team on: Non Life-, Claims- and transversal Legacy projects. The team operates in a mainframe environment with Cobol as main development language.We are using Hybrid Agile as methodology (Agile + Prince 2 based). In our Hybrid Agile context: the Development is done iterative in sprints, all other phases are according the waterfall approach. The Team Master will focus on delivery, achieving the result with the team. The team has intermediate experience with scrum, the goal is to bring the scrum way of working to a higher level. Having a hands-on and pragmatic approach is crucial while keeping on focussing on delivering according to agreed to scope and milestones.

Both functional and technical (design/development/testing) background can help to better understand the context of the projects and the expected delivery.


1. Coordination

- Lead, coordinate and monitor the daily activities of the NL & Claims Legacy team on Projects and on Production Maintenance.

- Is able to work out both planning and resource plan when delivering bugfixes on Production, acting here in Production Maintenance mode (SErvice MAnagement).

- Make the necessary contacts with IT Release Management as to agree on the "delivery to production" steps (Implementation Plan)

- Review and takes accountability for delivery of the implementation plans.

- Is present and follow up the releases to production according to the implementation plans.

- Organize and conduct team meetings e.g. sprint planning, sprint review, …

- Regular contact with the Product Owners (PO’s) & Project Managers (PM’s) to identify the correct priorities

- Help the PM’s to describe work packages and identify the teams needed to deliver it

- Regular contact with his/her IT Delivery Master regarding NL & Claims Legacy team capacity management and needs

- Regular contact with his/her IT Delivery Master regarding any escalation he/she would deem as necessary e.g. resource behaviour, resource capacity shortcomings, ...

- Coordinate with other Team Masters and Scrum Masters to synchronise the in-time delivery for activities related to transversal programs such as NLBT

- Create dashboards or other follow-up tools to provide transparency & follow up

- Help the team where appropriate to become more effective, efficient and productive

- Act as a facilitator to increase collaboration - break down silos

- Report information on a regular basis e.g. velocity calculation, reporting of the operational costs (man-days) & PM reporting

2. SPOC and communication

- Act as a sounding board when questions or problems arise around analysis, development, testing, releases, resource capacity and resource availability

- Representation of the team towards Management & Business (e.g. Sprint reviews)

- Answer questions; solve impediments, building bridges between the different stakeholders within IT & Business

- Act as a SPOC for important program alignment meetings such as the "Scrum of scrums”

- Discuss if things are crucial to get to a result

3. Continuous Improvement

- Continuously improve the way of working of the teams by using the input of the grooming’s, planning’s & retro’s on a regular basis

- Align well with other Team Masters and Scrum Masters on the way of working within P&V and come with new ideas to work together

- Attend the community sessions & scrum meetings with Team Master and Scrum Master colleagues regularly


Must have

• Language: 3-lingual NL - FR - EN:

Good communication skills in Dutch AND French, with excellent verbal and written communication in English!
• Proven experience as Team Master (at least 3 years )

• Proven experience as Project Manager (at least 3 years)

• Experience as Scrum Master

• Knowledge of JIRA

• Knowledge of Agile methodology and experience with working in a (Hybrid) Agile way.

• Knowledge of Prince 2 principles to understand our Hybrid Agile methodology (Prince 2 + Agile)

• Can work in a flexible way, with different methodologies, various nationalities, partners, ...

• Able to make the link where necessary between team actors such as developers, testers, analysts

• Solution minded

• Committed

• Able to get to know the organization and the culture rapidly

• Proactive personality

• Open mindset and being able to work with different personalities

• Strong communication skills

• Strong reporting skills

• A supportive servant leader: strong in people management, being a part of the team while strengthening the team

• Support on setting priorities for the team, ability to challenge the work priorities, discuss delivery and proposed deadlines when needed, assertive yet diplomatic approach

Nice to have

• Experience with EA

• Experience in the insurance industry

Extra information

HARD SKILLS: We willen een team leader met PM affiniteiten (die een planning / resource plan kan uitwerken, die met Business kan overleggen, die op technisch vlak kan optreden, voorstellen van evoluties naar AGILE toe, …) en Scrum Master affiniteiten. 

SOFT SKILLS:  Hij moet inspirerend zijn  en tegelijk pro-activiteit, dynamiek scheppen, flexibiliteit en autonomie versterken in het team.  Interactie is belangrijk naar PM’s en testco toe, verbindend zijn, collega’s laten groeien.  Oplossingen kunnen bieden en op tijd kunnen escaleren.



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