Data Architect - Medior


Based on the business strategy defined, the Architect is requested to contribute to the futher shaping and development of the IT and act as a link between the IT and the Business side at all times for the specific Master Data Management project in the context of Boost programme implementation/deployment of  the company's IT. The deployment as well as control and quality assurance of the IT project within an average complexity organisation.


Primary Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the business strategy development providing insight into the changing database storage and utilization requirements for the company and offer suggestions for solutions
  • Understand and ameliorate the business strategy translating it into IT requirements with alignment guarantee
  • Analyze implementation methods to make sure they are in line with company policies and any external regulations that may apply
  • Transform the IT strategy in an architecture that represents goals and target of the business creating data monitoring models for each product and team
  • In collaboration with a project manager assess and analyse the necessary tasks to be done in regards to a specific project, guiding the PM in the set-up phase
  • Help formulate the client’s need/requirement in high level lines throughout the workshops
  • Develop database design and architecture documentation for the management and executive teams summarizing the needs/requirements in a clear and deployable overview of tasks
  • Define a strategy which is in line with business and company culture/expectations
  • Communicate the solution to the organization (Business & IT)
  • Evaluate different solutions in order to recommend one, based on the following principles: strategy, architectural principles, transition plan.
  • Identify the impact of the chose solution on the existing/new projects in sight
  • Identify the governance, transformation and organization models necessary to deploy the chosen solution
  • Contribute to the financial forecasting and calculations of the mitigation plans including the identification of risks and dangers.
  • Identify the interdependencies between projects in order to prioritize then in the organization roadmap
  • Participate in the identification of the standards and architecture guidelines in regards to the job itself
  • Actualize the transformation plans (roadmap) based on the real time evolution of the projects
  • Initiate and maintain the architectural models
  • Help maintain the integrity and security of the company database

Secondary Tasks and responsibilities

  • Assist the PM throughout the project set-up, deployment and assessment phasas.
  • Assist in meetings representing business’ interests and make sure alignment and cohesion is assured throughout all the phases, minimalizing the risks.


Technical profile requirements

  • Knowledge and experience of methodological and techical approach for architectural modelisation, it's tools and busines requirements in the context of BI, Big Data and data exploitation practices.
  • Good knowledge of Data Science (AI, ML, DL)
  • Basic knowledge and experience in data oriented Cloud services
  • Good knowledge of the data base modeling & development
  • Good knowledge of the IT process management
  • Good knowledge of Archimate, BPMN, UML, Sparx
  • Good knowledge of Datastage is a strong asset
  • Some knowledge of health insurance funds is a plus

Non-Technical profile requirements

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Must be able to work on multiple simultaneous tasks with limited supervision
  • Quick learner, motivated self-starter
  • Result oriented & customer centered
  • Structured / Organized
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and team collaboration skills
  • High accountability and team spirit values

Methodology/Certification requirements

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science OR equivalent through experience.
  • +3 years experience in a similar role

Language proficiencies

  • FR and/or Dutch or visa versa
  • Very good notion of ENG



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