CMS Portfolio Management Officer


The portfolio of strategic projects within the direction CMS (Customer Market and System) is organised in different programs and projects, and a central Portfolio management office has been established within the department TDI (Transformation, Data Strategy & Implementation) of CMS.


In the role of Senior PM Officer, you will provide daily support to the Transformation Implementation Manager, and the implementation of the transformation of CMS portfolio. You will develop the process and tools of the central CMS Portfolio management office.
Activities that fall into the responsibilities of the PMO or where support is expected:
  • You will build the central CMS Portfolio reference (projects master data, list of blue-chip, clustering of projects) and guarantee the consistency with the Enterprise portfolio in order to give an up-to-date status of the transformation to the Transformation Team and support the decision process of the CMS team (director and senior managers). 
  • You will put in place the process and tools of gathering all the necessary information to support the yearly arbitrage process at CMS team level. You will support the budget and business plan processes.  
  • You will, in your capacity as the Transformation Implementation Manager professional 'right-hand man' and 'control tower', independently monitors, supports and challenges the programs. The Portfolio Management Officer is jointly responsible for estimates and reference data (baselines) for programs (costs, scope, timing) with program managers. 
  • In close contact with all Program Manager, you will maintain an overview of the main deliverables and timing in terms of planning and control, overall risk and issue management, resource management, scope and change management, quality management, status reporting, and you will identify (potential) obstacles and problems. You will follow-up & challenge milestones, planning and resources. You will develop all necessary status report (Milestones monitoring, Budget monitoring, critical resources allocation,…)
  • You will test the progress of the portfolio against the approved baselines and point out deviations and critical processes.
  • You will develop the good practices and contribute to the improvement of the project/program management maturity in the community by applying them. By doing so, you will also contribute to the introduction of a good change management and transformation management practices. You will supervise change assessments so that all the consequences of a change are definitely carefully considered.
  • You will draw up and maintain a risk register and an action plan to limit the risks. You will check the proper execution of the actions defined within the risk mitigation plan.
  • You will continuously improve to the transformation portfolio management office in order to increase impact and focus on the right priorities


  • Well organised
  • Attention for details
  • Autonomous and capable of managing his own agenda to achieve the program deadlines. 
  • Pro-active
  • The candidate does not only have to execute certain tasks but also reflect with the other members of the PMO team on the content and potential improvements
  • Assertive
  • Good communication and presentation skills : Able to communicate with Senior Management and Director level
  • Impact focused: knowing when impact is more important than templates, PMO guidelines, ...
  • Experience in large organization is important.
  • Client focused attitude; PMO has to support the project leaders And program managers.  He behaves as a reliable right-hand. 



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Job specifications

Mainly Telework and Brussels but some flexibility is expected for steering committees/ seminars / important meetings
Hatim Daoudi
Hatim Daoudi

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