Functional Architect


Engineers at our client (in the energy sector) aspire at being at the forefront of the energy revolution.
All-round developers collaborate in squads with traders, risk-officers and treasury to simplify and automate the day-to-day business using infrastructure-as-code, CI, micro-services, a variety of languages best fit for purpose and most important: continuous innovation. As such we are transforming the processes that guarantee availability of affordable energy in every home into a state-of-the-art automated system.
By joining our client, you would become part of a motivated team of software developers that regularly pair up with different users as a feature team to conceptualise, create, maintain and operate part of our full automated system.
This automation is crucial to the energy world as power needs to be continuously balanced in real-time between supply and demand. While demand has always been hard to predict, supply is now becoming hard to foresee due to the increased use of weather dependent renewables. This makes that market mechanisms to adjust the production and demands are continuously evolving to be applied on shorter timescales. And these timescales can only be met through automation and by letting algorithms take the buy-or-make decisions.

Purpose of the service

The service will be provided within the client's Business Innovation & Oversight – SPaaS - IS team which is responsible to propose, build and maintain innovative solutions towards Optimizers, Dispatchers and third party customers covering different time horizon (Week-Ahead, Day-Ahead and Intra-Day).


  • Collaborate continuously in analyzing further automating the desk in order to improve the performance of the desk. This includes getting familiar with all data-flows and calculation engines used by the team for
    • the daily optimization runs of all assets (nuclear, thermal, CHP, renewable and pump storage).
    • costing and bidding of contracts for ancillary services tendered daily by national Transmission System Operators (TSOs).
    • intra-day trading on the energy markets
  • Analyse business needs in collaboration with business analysts
  • Define functional and applicative architectures responding to the challenges of our client, enabling more automation while keeping human control on the processes, and reducing the operation risks. Work in agile way with business and development teams to adapt the architectures to their feedbacks.
  • Support development teams in charge of delivering the components as defined in the architecture. Actively participate to the definition of data formats, API interfaces, and testing.
  • Identify synergies across processes and propose common, reusable frameworks, so as to reduce maintenance and accelerate developments.
  • Work in close collaboration with teams outside of Spaas and Spaas IS (client's central architecture team, TST IS, DMG IS, RES IS) so as to leverage on existing tools, define functional interfaces with these teams, and connect architectures.
  • Continuously collaborate on design and implementation issues with the team to move forward as a team.

Expected skills

General skills (soft skills)

  • The consultant(s) put forward for this assignment must be passionate about tackling challenges in team that require excellent analytic skills with deep insight into how the energy auctions and energy exchanges work.​​​​​​​

Expected functional skills

  • Ability to deeply understand a problem, identify stakes, and to propose a functional and applicative design to respond to its challenge
  • Strong analytical skills, ability to understand complex processes and problems rapidly
  • Strong experience in Data modelling
  • Ability to understand rapidly the principles behind quants algorithms
  • Experience in trading environments
  • Experience in the Energy sector is a plus
  • Deep interest in Energy markets and their transformation towards renewables and decarbonisation
  • You have a university degree (with a healthy dose of math)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Expected soft skills

Soft skills required: (by order of priority for the assignment)
Functional skills Seniority Compulsory
English (official language at the client Fluent Yes
French or Dutch Fluent An asset
Communication towards IS and business Experienced Yes
Team player Experienced Yes



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Job specifications

02/01/2024 - 02/01/2025