IP NOC Helpdesk Service

Mission description:

The Datacom department, which the IP Networks team is part of, is in charge of:

  • the datacom transport network for the IP networks and IT networks in general. The company has an extensive network of fibre and copper cables, supplemented by rented connections. The technologies in use include  PDH, SDH, DWDM, FC and IP/MPLS,
  • the IP/Ethernet/WiFi networks used for telephony and core business needs (office network, real-time network, …) in all of it's administrative sites, data centres and dispatching offices, direct IP connections with other electricity transport, distribution and generation utilities, Internet connections,
  • the protection and securing of the networks with firewalls, DMZs (Demilitarised Zones), VPN concentrators, and similar,
  • the networks connecting high-voltage substations and data centres for purposes of remote surveillance, telephony, meter readings, consulting disturbance recorders, ... These networks are also used for communication between the electrical protection devices at different stations. Work has already begun to migrate these networks from TDM technology (PDH, SDH) to packet-switched technology (Ethernet, IP, MPLS),
  • connections with other TSOs for remote surveillance, remote protection, and telephony.

Service description:

 Supervision of IP networks:

  • consult and verify the information and alarms provided by the management systems and network nodes of the different technologies: routing/switching (Cisco), loadbalancing (F5), Firewalls (Checkpoint, Palo Alto), Authentication (Cisco ISE), IP address management, DHCP, DNS (InfoBlox), VPN Concentrators (Cisco),  ... 

Configuration and Maintenance requests

  • act as single point of contact for other departments (IT helpdesk, Server Team, Asset Management Teams, other Datacom colleagues, ...) for IP Network requests (changes, new requests, failure reports, request for info, …),
  • implement/solve as much as possible requests in close collaboration with other colleagues of the team,
  • HW installation/replacement, staging and configuration in administrative sites and data centres,
  • most tasks can be performed remotely; occasional HW related tasks have to be performed on-site (2 data centres, 10 administrative sites throughout Belgium)
  • scope and complexity of tasks will be matched to the profile and experience, and can evolve over time


  • first level troubleshooting and correlation of events,
  • close collaboration with senior network architects for more complex problems,
  • implementation of work-arounds,
  • dispatching and follow-up of problems,
  • dispatching and follow-up of problems with vendors of different technologies and service providers.

IP NOC Organisation and Information Management:

  • share experience in oral and written form with other colleagues via on the job training, workshops and written procedures,
  • keep inventories in management systems, Excel lists and Visio drawings up to date,
  • participate actively to operation and maintenance improvements.


  • You are able to speak, read and write Dutch, French and English.
  • should hold a bachelor’s degree in electronics, ICT or telecommunications, or have equivalent technical experience in this field,
  • must have an all-round practical and operational knowledge of IP Networks and their management in multi-site environments and data centres: switches, routers, load balancers, authentication engines, firewalls, DHCP/DNS appliances, ...,
  • must have already a few years of experience (typically 5 years) as an IP NOC Helpdesk Officer,
  • must have experience with configuration and trouble shooting of Cisco switches and routers,
  • must have experience with firewalling technology,
  • must be willing to continuously refine and broaden his technical knowledge of IP networks and their management,
  • needs to be able to work independently and methodically, have a sense of responsibility and can assess risks accurately,
  • needs to be customer-oriented and cope well with stress,
  • being flexible and approachable (tasks may be suddenly interrupted by urgent operational issues),
  • must have good communication skills for interacting (mostly via phone) with other colleagues, departments, suppliers, service providers, …



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Job specifications

17/04/2023 - 29/02/2024