Software Developer

Purpose of the service

The service will be provided within the GEM Business Innovation & Oversight – SPaaS - IS team which is responsible to propose, build and maintain innovative solutions towards Optimizers, Dispatchers  and third party customers covering different time horizon (Week-Ahead, Day-Ahead and Intra-Day).

Services expected from the Service Provider

The activities presented above correspond to the expectations of GEM-IS. It is up to the Service Provider to complete and specify the content of each if necessary, or even add other activities.

The Service Provider is expected to put forward a profile with the skills requested in line with the requested activities. After analysing the activities, the Service Provider may propose complementary skills.

All of the deliverables shall be drawn up according to the presentation models and standards in force at GEM-IS.
The deliverables shall be handed over during performance of the service including in intermediary versions. They shall be sent in electronic form by the company’s messaging service.


  • Collaborate continuously in analyzing further automating the desk in order to improve the performance of the desk. This includes getting familiar with all data-flows and calculation engines used by the team for
    • the daily optimization runs of all assets (nuclear, thermal, CHP, renewable and pump storage).
    • costing and bidding of contracts for ancillary services tendered daily by national Transmission System Operators (TSOs).
    • intra-day trading on the energy markets
  • Co-develop with the team on the identified solutions in dev-ops mode using the tools we consider to be best fit for the task at hand (currently: micro-services, Python, C#, Angular, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS S3)
  • Continuously collaborate on design and implementation issues with the team to move forward as a team

Expected skills

General skills (soft skills)

The consultant(s) put forward for this assignment must be passionate about tackling challenges in team that require excellent coding skills with deep insight into how the energy auctions and energy exchanges work. 

Expected technical skills

You are
  • Absolutely loving designing, developing, testing, maintaining and operating applications using Python, Angular, C# on Linux and Windows hosted at Kubernetes & Azure.
  • Thorough knowledge of Python. Knowledge of C# is a plus.
  • Fascinated by the energy markets and the evolution it is going through because you will help GEM to innovate by adapting to the changing markets and as such facilitate the energy transition.
  • Looking forward to collaborating with the users closely 
  • You have a university degree (with a healthy dose of math)

Expected functional skills

Functional skills required: (by order of priority for the assignment)

Functional skills    Seniority    Compulsory
  • English (official language within GEM) Fluent: Yes
  • French or Dutch Fluent: An asset
  • Knowledge and skills in the energy market industry Trainee: No
  • Software Craftmanship Junior or Medior: Yes

Expected deliverables

The expected Deliverables are the following: 
  • Monthly Time Track 
  • Activity report
  • KPI dashboard 



You are about to apply for the job "Software Developer".

Job specifications

27/03/2023 - 26/03/2024