Test automation specialist

You are responsible for the maintenance and further evolution of the test framework (based on selenium).
You develop the test functions to support the test scripting.
As a test developer you automate the test scenarios through the development of scripts. You launch the scripts, interpret the results and communicate them to the functional analysts and test analysts.
In addition, you register the incidents in the "incident tracking" tool and you are responsible for the follow-up.
Finally, you prepare the test reports.

As a public organization at the heart of social security, our client provides reliable and accessible information about career and pension.
We offer socially insured people a clear picture of their own social data so that they can make supported and informed decisions about their career and supplementary pension.
And we are also there for organizations that need data about career and supplementary pension. In this way we strengthen both policymakers and public institutions (such as RSZ, RSVZ, FSMA and FPS Finance) as well as employers and pension institutions in an even more efficient service.

To be able to carry out the missions, The client needs an application architecture consisting of the following functionalities:
Processing & monitoring of incoming batch data streams
Registration of this data in a relational database
Coherence check on this data (anomaly detection)
Anomaly workflow management that includes the handling procedures for must support the various corrections
· An extraction layer (batch & web services) that must unlock this corrected data and make it exploitable for the partners within the network.
· Online applications for the users of our data.

These functionalities are developed based on a J2EE architecture with Oracle & Opensource
databases, Talend as an ETL tool and Tableau as a report generator (dashboards & statistics).

The system architecture on which the application architecture is hosted is on G-Cloud (Cloud
federal government, private cloud) with Openstack, Openshift and Docker. We work with both
virtual machines and containers in a high availability environment.



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