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Finding the perfect match between freelancer, position and employer is the essence of Brainbridge.

We are constantly looking for qualified freelance professionals for our wide range of vacancies.

We want to reward our external partners, mainly freelancers, who are able to refer qualified independent consultants to Brainbridge for assignments that Brainbridge can offer them.

  1. Refer a friend or colleague who is looking for a new opportunity.
  2. The referred candidate works at least 1 day for / through Brainbridge with a maximum of 1 year.
  3. Quarterly, Brainbridge will communicate the number of business days that services have been executed by the introduced party and approved by Brainbridge’s client, so that you can invoice them
  4. Collect your bonus
    1. Business days (3 months) x 20% of our daily margin on the contract.
    2. Send us a  quarterly invoice for the calculated amount.
    3. You have a right to the referral compensation as long as the assignment is executed with a maximum of twelve calendar months as from the assignment start date.
  5. Start over ;-)