Service Desk Coordinator

Job description Service Desk Coordinator

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  • You might know this job as Help Desk Coordinator, Customer Support Coordinator

What is the job description of a Service Desk Coordinator?

A Service Desk Coordinator manages help desk professionals like Service Desk Agents in their day-to-day activities of customer support. They take over problem-solving for more complex problems, troubleshoot technical issues and update functional systems, as well as  create work schedules and train new employees.

What skills does a Service Desk Coordinator need?

Service Desk Coordinators need a wide array of technical, managerial and soft skills to cater to all aspects of the job.

Technical skills

  • Working knowledge of programming and coding in the most common programming and coding languages
  • Expert knowledge of the solutions offered by the organisation to the end user
  • Strong communications skills to communicate complex technical information toward non-technical audiences

Managerial skills

  • Project management and planning skills in service of the customer support team
  • Leadership and motivational skills
  • Directing team members in their day-to-day activities and supporting them in troubleshooting

Soft skills

  • Strong ability to communicate in a productive way and to formulate constructive feedback
  • Ability to communicate efficiently with different types of corporate profiles
  • Multilingual language skills, native in Dutch or French and fluent in English

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