Product Owner

Job Description Product Owner

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  • You might know this job as Product Director, Value Manager, Product Manager

What is the job description of a Product Owner?

Product Owner is most often a term used within the Agile-framework. Product Owners facilitate communication between the development team and the client when developing products or other solutions. They interpret the needs of the client, communicate them to the development team and manage the team in their collaboration to make the most of each team member’s skillset. Product Owners are usually members of the development team.

What skills does a Product Owner need?

Product Owners need a wide array of technical and soft skills to cater to all aspects of the job, as well as in-depth knowledge of Agile project management.

Technical skills

  • Working knowledge of product development
  • In-depth knowledge of Agile project management

Soft skills

  • Insight into the skills and workload of all profiles involved
  • Strong communication skills both client-side and in collaboration with a multidisciplinary development team
  • Strong organisational and strategic skills on the short and long term
  • Strong analytical problem-solving skills and flexibility in way of working

Degrees & Certificates

  • BA/MA in management or a related field
  • BA/MA in unrelated field or no higher education with proven relevant experience
  • Relevant certifications like Agile methodologies, management, product development

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