Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Job description Data Protection Officer

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  • You might know this job as Chief Data Officer, DPO

What is the job description of a Data Protection Officer?

A Data Protection Officer or DPO safeguards the organisation’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR implemented by the European Commission in protection of online privacy. The role is considered a management role within the security branch of the company.


What skills does a Data Protection Officer need?

DPOs need a wide array of technical and soft skills to cater to all aspects of the job.

Technical skills

  • Expert knowledge of GDPR and its implementation
  • Working knowledge of implementation and maintenance of information security systems within enterprises
  • Expert knowledge of data protection and information security
  • Working knowledge of business strategy

Soft skills

  • Ability to work autonomously as well as to collaborate in team
  • Analytic mind trained in detailed and structured work
  • People skills necessary to assist/support non-technical profiles whenever necessary
  • Fluent English language skills, as well as native level skills in Dutch and/or French

Degrees & Certificates

  • BA/MA degree in Data Computer Science, Data Science, Cyber Security, Data Protection (Law) or similar field
  • BA/MA in Business, Management or similar field
  • Certifications in data protection and GDPR

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