Chief Information Security Officer

Job description Chief Information Security Officer

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  • You might know this job as CISO, Chief Security Officer IT, 

What is the job description of a Chief Information Security Officer?

The Chief Information Security Officer is responsible for safeguarding the organisation’s vision, strategy and programme as they pertain to information systems and technologies. They design, implement and maintain security protocol and processes, as well as reduce information and IT risks in a senior executive role.

What skills does a Chief Information Security Officer need?

CISOs need a wide array of technical and soft skills to cater to all aspects of the job.

Technical skills

  • Expert knowledge of business strategies and process
  • Experience in ethical hacking
  • Expert organisational skills
  • Programming skills, knowledge of network and systems management
  • Strong organisational and planning skills

Soft skills

  • Strong management and leadership skills
  • Ability to give constructive feedback
  • Analytic mind trained in detailed and structured work
  • People and communications skills to update non-technical profiles on the status of complex processes and systems

Degrees & Certificates

  • BA/AM degree in Business, Management or a similar field
  • BA/MA degree in Computer Science, Web development, Software Engineering or equivalent through experience

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