So you want to work with us as a freelancer?

Good news! We’d love to have you in our team! We work with over 180 IT-specialists in different domains, spread across clients in Belgium and abroad. Most of them build their entire career with Brainbridge, hopping from one interesting project to the next. 

This is what we have to offer:

  • Great projects We know competition on the IT-job market
    is fierce. But we manage to be first choice with many interesting 
    clients for their impressive IT-projects.
  • No worries You will always receive your fee in time – no 
    matter what happens with our client. 
  • Back up Need someone to talk to? An guide or coach for
    your career? We’re there for you.
  • Pleasure We take all our freelancers out for lunch, we play 
    poker together, visit the Sinksenfoor and keep in touch while 
    you’re enrolled in a project.

Check our current vacancies or drop us your CV.